PAUSE RESET LEAD: Living & Leading in Uncertain Times

LIFE, as it relates to business, teams, innovation, relationships, physical and mental health, is not the same anymore. And the fact is, that most of those areas of life won’t return to how they were before when the COVID-19 pandemic passes. We'll be stepping into a new normal and the future will belong to those who have a plan. The time and opportunity is NOW to step back and redefine your life in ways that are more effective, balanced and holistic. Would you like an opportunity to learn from two coaches who are masters of such transformations?

Here's the good news! Colette Ellis and Vidhi Data created the PAUSE. RESET. LEAD. Program to help you reflect, envision and create a new life for you, your organization or team, so that you can not only thrive in these uncertain times, but live and lead resiliently in future challenging situations. They're offering their PAUSE.RESET.LEAD. intro session FREE and online, so you can join right from your home!

Now more than ever it’s important to gain these powerful skills and practices so you can build the new plan for this new life. Claim your free spot now!

Your Name: Colette Ellis
Date Offered (if applicable): Apr 22, 2020
Business Name: Start Within Coaching | Lead With Impact