Wooden Stool


Wooden Stool (Machi)

Wooden Stool (Machi)

Wooden Stool (Machi)

Wooden Stool (Machi)

Wooden Stool (Machi)Wooden Stool (Machi)Wooden Stool (Machi)Wooden Stool (Machi)

Single Person 18" X 18" X 15" Square wide POY rope Stool. Made out of 100% ecofriendly POY rope which is 6mm thick tightly twisted and wooden This premium Wooden Stool is a highly comfortable and offers comfort seating. This Stool accommodates 1 adult comfortably. The POY rope is user friendly and soft on the body. wooden stool total weight capacity of nothing less than 100 kg. And can be at Drawing room, Balcony and any where at home it also.

Product Info

Rope: POY (Partially oriented yarn) rope


Made: Hand Knotted

Size: 18" X 18" X 15"

Weight: 6.7 kg.

Weight Capacity: 100 kg

Your Name: Smita Ghadiyali
Business Name: Smita Handicraft