Start Within New Moon Membership

Your New Moon Community Awaits!

In 2018, Coach Colette will be holding space for women in an even more focused and intentional way -- by launching the New Moon Circle Membership!

*** Get the promotional (50% off) Annual Rate when you join before the Dec. 18, 2017 Sagittarius New Moon! ***

The New Moon Circle Membership is for YOU if you are seeking:

* authentic connections with other female founders and leaders

* accountability to take consistent action (inner and outer) throughout the year

* confidence to persevere when you encounter challenges or temporary setbacks

What You Will Receive as a New Moon Circle MEMBER:

** Live New Moon Circle Gatherings in NYC **

Heart Meditation and Intention Setting activities led by Coach Colette, so you can fully embody the New Moon energy and give voice to your inner desires (if you live outside NYC, join the Circle virtually)

** Monthly New Moon Intention Setting Worksheets **

Includes guidance on how the energy of each Sun sign (whether you're born under that sign or not) can boost your intentions, plus tips on what to do if the shadow aspects of the sign drain your energy

** Weekly Intention Setting Check-in **

A personal email from Coach Colette to help you stay motivated and inspired in between our monthly gatherings

** Private Online Community **

A safe, online space to build trust with one another, receive support when things get rough, and celebrate your wins when things go well

Whether you’ve attended one of our New Moon Circles before, or not, we welcome you to become a New Moon Circle MEMBER. No previous meditation experience is needed either -- join exactly as who you are.

We are holding a space for you in the Circle!

Your Name: Colette Ellis
Business Name: Start Within Coaching | InStep Consulting