The Art of Reminiscence Writing Circle

Ten years ago I watched my dad fall into a cognitive abyss that erased the comical, slightly eccentric, luminous man I had known all my life. Over the course of a decade I watched him shrink. Gone were the celebratory meals and the words that accompanied each, “It’s a party!” (For my dad, EVERY meal was a party.) Gone were the mouthwatering trips to the markets he knew and loved. Gone were the stories he would share with anyone who would lend an ear, usually over a beautiful meal.

Not only did I lose my dad, I lost my story keeper. I now realize how important it is to gather those stories while they’re still close at hand. And that’s what you’ll find when you engage with me in my Luscious Legacy Project: The Art of Reminiscence.

We’ll tell stories and write ‘snippets’.

We’ll pick up the phone and have conversations with the story keepers still present in our lives.

We’ll dabble in our own unique expression of art: photo essay, ebook, visual journal, glue book, PDF, pen & ink, anything goes.

We’ll bask in the memories that emerge when we take our seats at the table of reminiscence ... kindred spirits evoking luscious.

THE PERSPECTIVE: (why I created this course)

I believe. . .

• the practice of storytelling, rooted in reminiscence, has the power to nourish us deeply.

• we are becoming a culture of “some day, when the children are grown, when I’m not so very busy.”

• dabbling in the art of creative expression can be deliciously intoxicating (and healing, too).

• embracing process over perfection is a life skill worth knowing.


writers :: you are a writer and you love the idea of writing in the company of fellow writers

wanna-be writers :: you love writing but you rarely take the time to sit with pen and paper, or keyboard and coffee, and you love a good prompt

storytellers :: you love a good story and you want to start recording some of yours in a tangible form

artists :: you love dabbling in various art forms and the idea of crafting a visual journal or ebook sounds enticing

closet artists :: you have an artistic talent and/or sensibility but you rarely give it the time or space to express itself

creatives :: you have a yearning to kindle your creative energy and you need a little nudge

SoulCollage® enthusiasts :: my cards often become an integral piece of this project and vice versa


This is an "evergreen eCourse." That means I offer it once or twice a year but once I add you to our private Facebook group you are there for as long as Facebook allows us to create secret groups. You can work the material at your own pace and check in with us whenever you need some company. I consider it my virtual living room. You can tap me on the shoulder any time to witness a piece you've written or a page you've constructed in your visual journal.

As each new group enters the Circle, you'll get the added benefit of new energy and enthusiasm to bolster your own process.


• 18 email invitations/prompts delivered to your inbox over the course of 6 weeks

• online writer’s circle where we gather together to write, reminisce, share stories (maybe even some recipes!), and nourish ourselves (and each other) with words

• five conference calls, two "live" and three pre-recorded interviews with special guests

• private Facebook group: optional of course, but please know that I tend deeply and facilitate groups with the joie de vivre my dad imbued in me

I’m here to hold your words, to honor your process, to support you in crafting your ebook or art journal, and to give you a little nudge when ‘monkey mind’ shows up and says, “No time to write/create this week.”

I’m also here to hold a very sacred space for you when the memories bring unexpected tears. Tears and fears welcome.

Shall we begin?

Next six-week session to be announced very soon!

Your Name: Sue Ann Gleason
Business Name: Conscious Bites Nutrition