An Introduction to SoulCollage® as a Nourishment Practice

If you listen to enough podcasts and read enough personal and professional development books, you start to believe that everyone else has the answers YOU need. I see this every day in my own life and in the lives of so many of the women I work with.

And, while I love that we have access to so many wise guides (believe me, I listen to them too!), I can’t help but wonder what our lives would look like if we spent less time turning to all those 'experts' and more time cultivating the language of our own wise insight.

Good question, right?

Here's what I do. When I find myself relying too heavily on my head, at the expense of my heart, I look inside my nourishment kit and I find the practices and principles that bring me back to center. SoulCollage® is one of those practices. It’s different than vision boarding in that that you are stepping inside the image/energy of the cards you create and then discovering what messages they hold for you. Perhaps the best way to look at it would be: vision board as planning (manifesting) tool and SoulCollage® as a spiritual practice and process that helps you access your inner wisdom.

Would you like an introduction? I hold SoulCollage® Sunday sessions every other month and deeper dives two to three times per year. The introductory session includes a two-hour group call where I tell you all about the process while you play with images that you tear out of magazines.

Then, you have five full days to practice, post, and play in a secret Facebook group. I'm simply a guide at your side.

My next session is Sunday morning, January 8th. Come see how this process can enrich both your life and your work. The best part? You need no artistic talent whatsoever to produce cards that are sure to delight (and inform) you.

Plus, we meet on a conference line so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to participate. Two hours to listen in (or listen later) plus five full days to post and play.

I hope to see you on the roster!


Sunday, January 8th

11:00AM to 1PM (EDT)


via conference call and private Facebook forum

Date Offered (if applicable): Dec 11, 2016
Your Name: Sue Ann Gleason
Business Name: Conscious Bites Nutrition