Dream Business Builder

My daughter Alexis Joy and I developed Borrowed Wisdom to help you create a life you love. We’ve spent years curating advice and resources from a wide range of experts and developed simple-to-use programs, designed just for you.

Our Dream Business Builder program is tailored specifically for entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurs-to-be!) and aimed at helping you manifest your dream business.

During this comprehensive 10-week program you will:

• Get a precise plan of action to launch and grow your business.

• Cut out old energy blocks, release limiting beliefs, and eliminate defeating habits and patterns that have been holding you back.

• Discover the techniques and tools you need to harness the power of your conscious and subconscious mind.

• Create your vision for your business and your life, uncovering your WHY and identifying the purpose that will drive you

• Use the power of quantum physics to tap into the vibrational frequency of your desires and magnetize the people, opportunities and events you desire into your reality

• Use scientifically proven steps to set an effective intention and receive what you want

• Make new neural pathways in your brain to help you become the successful entrepreneur you know you can be

• Discover the biggest mistake you’re probably making and why it’s standing in the way of your success.


Our 8-step process is offered in an easy-to-follow 10-week format led by top manifestation and business experts.

Each week, along with your weekly materials, you will get one-on-one private coaching calls with Sharon or Alexis and have access to the weekly Live Virtual Bootcamp Call, in which you will get your questions answered and be offered the support you need to succeed. You also get special access to our private Dream Business Builder Facebook group, where you’ll get group support, inspiration, new tips, and instant access to answers to your questions.

This program is specially curated to accelerate your business growth. We are offering this 10 week course at a special reduced rate of $2,500 for members of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT.

Your Name: Dr. Sharon Ufberg
Business Name: Borrowed Wisdom

Date Offered (if applicable): Nov 4, 2016
Your Name: Dr. Sharon Ufberg
Business Name: Borrowed Wisdom