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WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is a talent marketplace & collaborative network for women entrepreneurs!

Our Marketplace is powered by entrepreneurs, consultants, small business owners and Gig Economy freelancers. We help you extend the reach of your ventures, connecting you with new customers and clients, while making it easy for you to support other women-owned businesses too, tapping into the expertise, products and services you need. 

You can create a FREE Listing to generate increased awareness for your expertise, business services and ventures, and connect with new opportunities.


It’s easy for entrepreneurs, consultants, small business owners and Gig Economy freelancers to get started promoting their expertise and selling their products & services in our Marketplace.

It’s FREE to create any number of listings, increasing your chances for new customers & clients to find you.


We make it simple for you support women-owned businesses! You can find all the expertise, products & services you need from women-led ventures right here in our Marketplace. And, you’ll be helping them launch, grow and thrive!


You can list & search for opportunities for women owned businesses. Creating Marketplace listings for your projects, procurement contracts and RFP’s enables you to improve the diversity efforts of your organization while helping women business owners find new ways to grow. 

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