Ignite Your Goddess Wisdom

Are you ready to enter this new reality with a full toolkit of practical action steps to make meaningful change in your life and in the world? It’s time to enter into our new normal with a practical toolkit of powerful spiritual tools!

Accessing only the patriarchal masculine energy without a deep connection to the Divine Feminine will not move us through this global initiation. It is important to build the spiritual muscles that come when you fully embody the Sacred Feminine. The stronger you become, the more you can level up your life to powerfully impact all your relationships and ultimately the world.

Join us for a practical and magical journey of discovery to expand your access to your innate intuition, fierce feminine leadership, deep compassion, and powerful spiritual insights. We will harness the energy of the four elements of nature, seasonal cycles and the Four Fem-Types to create spiritual resiliency for both our personal and collective benefit.

Ignite your Goddess Wisdom-one night intensive in our Sacred Zoom Room. Wed May 27th with spiritual teachers Barbara Biziou and Deborah Roth.


Your Name: Barbara Biziou
Date Offered (if applicable): May 27, 2020
Business Name: Barbara Biziou Productions LLC