Social Media Advertising - Online Digital Marketing Masterclass

Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram is a powerful and cost-effective strategy for finding new customers. But they’re also quite challenging for most business owners to master because there are so many features, platforms change frequently, and in order to be profitable they demand frequent attention. With over 2 billion Internet users having active social media accounts, social media for businesses is no longer optional.

In this 3-part class you’ll learn:

-The pros and cons of ads vs. boosting vs. regular posts
-Advertising differences between Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
-How to choose which advertising channel is right for you
-How to build a Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising campaigns
-Designing your ads to capture attention and drive sales
-How to choose the best audience to show your ads to
-How to determine the right budget
-How to track your ad sales to know if, where, and how your ads are working
-And because the class is in real-time, you’ll be able to get your social media advertising questions answered live by Maisha!

This 3-part live ONLINE class takes place on 7/24, 7/31 and 8/7.

Sign up today and free yourself from the confusion of today’s digital marketing landscape.

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