Use HUMOR to train employees about SEXUAL ASSAULT

Me too means nothing without communities taking an active stance towards change. An active stance goes beyond thoughts and prayers, and into the realm of rehearsal. Larissa Marten tours the country as an activist and educator, performing her one-woman show, I KILLED THE COW for communities who want to rehearse for real life, in order to prevent another me too from ever being tweeted.

I KILLED THE COW uses humor and metaphor to start a conversation and further understanding about sexual assault. The show uses personal narrative to open the floor for communication. It is the dynamic story of one woman as she unearths the moments that have shaped her into the sexual being that she is — including her assault. Above all else, I KILLED THE COW is a story about how to be empowered, while still being a survivor of sexual assault.

Through the show’s accompanying workshops, I KILLED THE COW allows for communities to rehearse for the uncomfortable conversations that come with assault, whether one is a survivor, bystander, or neither. We believe that mistakes are necessary in order to grow. I KILLED THE COW’s workshops give communities a space to make mistakes and work together to learn how to react in the realm of assault. This increases collaboration, and therefore increases growth prospects.

**And if you book your fall show before June 14th, we'll give you a 20% discount.

I KILLED THE COW has been named a “Top 10 Must See” by the Twin Cities Arts Reader and awarded by the International Boulder Fringe Festival, being named Most Politically Relevant. Theatre World Internet Magazine calls it, “part Dr. Seuss, part Gertrude Stein and nearly Shakespearean, chronicling a debilitating sexual assault and how she finds the inner strength to rise above it.”

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Date Offered (if applicable): Jun 14, 2019
Your Name: Larissa Marten
Business Name: I Killed the Cow