Search Engine Optimization - Online Digital Marketing Masterclass

If you have a great website but your prospect visits are low, you might need to improve your “findability.” Improving your search engine optimization can make your website rank higher in search results and can be the single most important factor in increasing the number of potential customers who discover you.

In this 3-part class, you’ll learn about keywords, content creation, and building websites for “findability” from the comfort of your own home or office! You’ll also learn about how search engines work behind the scenes, which elements help you achieve organic search visibility, and how to rank in mobile searches.

This class will cover the following:

-When SEO is worth the investment and when it isn’t

-Keyword research and analysis

-Potential technical issues and what they mean

-Helpful webmaster tools

-Techniques and tips to help your website rank higher

-The importance of link building and techniques to acquire high-quality links

And because the class is in real-time, you’ll be able to get your SEO questions answered live by Maisha!

Also included with the class is a private 30-min consultation with Maisha.

Sign up today and free yourself from the confusion of today’s digital marketing landscape.

Part #1 – Wednesday, June 5, 11am – 12pm

Part #2 – Wednesday, June 12, 11am – 12pm

Part #3 – Wednesday, June 19, 11am – 12pm

This is an online class

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