RFQ: San Francisco Public Works Community Grant Programs

Bid Type: Consultants and Professional Services

Bid Number: GRANT004

Agency: Public Works, Department of

Bid Title: RFQ for San Francisco Public Works Community Grant Programs

Bid Due: 12/31/2018

Time Due: 12:00 PM

Duration: 2 Years


San Francisco Public Works (Public Works), City and County of San Francisco (City) announces a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for San Francisco Public Works Community Grant Programs.

San Francisco Public Works has a goal of ensuring safe, clean and inviting public spaces as well as engaging the community by increasing employment opportunities, job training and general workforce development for local residents. In 2013, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee released his 17 Point Jobs Plan. This plan includes points to: 1) hire San Franciscans, 2) make government more responsive and effective, and 3) improve blighted areas. This RFQ seeks non-profit community-based organizations (Applicants) to partner with Public Works in some key areas that will support the Mayor’s goals and comport with Public Works’ Strategic Plan that was adopted in 2014.

Public Works is seeking to create six pools of qualified non-profit grantees (Applicants) to perform the below services (Pool[s]). Each Pool will have Applicants with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

1) Litter Reduction;

2) Monitoring and Ambassador Services;

3) Youth & Young Adult Summer Employment Program;

4) Landscape Maintenance & Planting Services;

5) Public Parklet Assessment & Maintenance Services; and/or

6) Blight Assessment Services.

Detailed scopes of work can be found in the RFQ. All of these services shall incorporate and provide job training, employment, and workforce development opportunities to program participants who are eligible to work but facing barriers to employment, especially those in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Based on responses to this RFQ, these grant Pools may be utilized by the City, at its sole and absolute discretion, for Applicant selection and negotiations during the term the Pool is in effect. Work shall be assigned on a project basis and pre-qualified Applicants may be required to submit a proposal through a competitive solicitation process or the City may contract directly with a pre-qualified applicant without a competitive solicitation based on project needs. Applicants selected for any of the Pool(s) are not guaranteed a contract or work.

The Pool established as a result of this solicitation shall have a term of two (2) years from the date of acceptance into the Pool. The Pool shall be refreshed after two (2) years and Applicants will need to re-submit a grant application to pre-qualify for the Pool(s) again.


Questions regarding the Solicitation must be submitted by email to: Tiffany.Dea@sfdpw.org