RFQ: Strategic Communications Services

Bid Type: Consultants and Professional Services

Bid Number: CS-291

Agency: Public Utilities Commission

Bid Title: As-Needed Strategic & Technical Communications and Public Outreach Services

Bid Due: 12/31/2021 (Rolling Submissions Accepted)

Time Due: 11:00 AM

Duration: 8 years


The SFPUC, a department of the City, seeks to receive Statements of Qualifications (“SOQs”) from qualified firms, teams or joint ventures to provide as-needed strategic and/or technical communication and public outreach services for the SFPUC Communications Division with an emphasis on Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP) communication services. Proposers with relevant experience and qualifications in one or more of the task categories set forth in Section III, Scope of Services, of this RFQ are encouraged to submit SOQs. Based on specific objective experience and qualifications, the SFPUC seeks to establish a pool of pre-qualified Consultants for as-needed strategic and/or technical communication and public outreach services for the SFPUC Communications Division with an emphasis on SSIP communication services as listed in Section III.

A Pool of pre-qualified as-needed consultants will be established for each of the task categories described below. Proposers may submit qualifications for any or all task categories. The SFPUC encourages Proposers to respond to as many task categories for which they meet or exceed the minimum qualifications as described in this RFQ. In addition, each Proposer should focus its efforts on the task category for which it has a demonstrated expertise or particular

specialty. Responses to task categories where expertise has not been developed and cannot be clearly demonstrated, as described in the minimum qualifications section of this RFQ, will be considered non-responsive for that specific task category, and the Proposer will not be eligible for placement in a Pool as pre-qualified for that specific task category. Proposers deemed ineligible for a task category may reapply under that task category after 6 months from the date deemed ineligible.

Services provided by the successful consultant(s) are intended to augment the City’s workforce, by providing the necessary as-needed strategic and technical communication services; and, where needed, by meeting peak workload demands through supplementary services. The Communications Director, or its designee, reserves the discretion and authority to affect the initiation, augmentation, alteration, or cessation of specific services and tasks. Consultants will be expected to develop their own estimates for each specified task, and to identify additional tasks and hours in the Proposer’s proposal prior to commencing work on the requested task(s).

Overview of Task Categories:

A. Strategic Communication Services

i. Strategic Communications Plan

ii. External Stakeholder Engagement Plan

iii. Internal Stakeholder Engagement Plan

iv. Strategic Messaging, Public Education and Communication Collateral

v. Event Planning and Logistical Support

vi. Training/Meeting Facilitation

vii. Emergency Communications Protocol

viii. Construction Communications

B. Innovative Engagement Services

i. Innovative Engagement Tools

ii. Social Media and Online Analytics

iii. Online Website Development Tools

C. Participatory Planning Services

D. Marketing Campaigns

i. Public Awareness Campaigns

ii. Advertising

E. Grassroots/Constituency Based Services

F. Educational Program and Curriculum Development

G. Focus Groups/Opinion Surveys/Research

H. Translation and Interpretive Services

I. Photography/Video/Recording Services

J. Specialized Communication Services

i. Graphic Design Services

ii. Printing Services

iii. Mailing Services

K. General Communication Services

i. Writing Services including Framing Documents, Case Studies, et al

ii. Community Outreach/Public Relations Tracking

iii. Copyediting, Review and Translation of Technical Documents

iv. Meeting Facilitation

v. Event Planning and Coordination

vi. Presentation Development