RFP: Financial Services

The City of San José (City) is inviting qualified firm(s) to respond to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to support the City’s extensive banking operations. The intent of this RFP is to identify qualified, socially responsible, and financially-secure service providers that can meet the City’s service requirements

The services to be undertaken are divided into four (4) separate packages specified below. Each package is individually described in the RFP. Firms are invited to submit responses to one or more packages but are not required to propose on all four.

• Package A: General Banking and Lockbox Services
• Package B: Merchant Card Processing Services
• Package C: Print Services
• Package D: Securities Custody Services

Proposers who choose to respond to multiple packages must submit separate responses in accordance with the proposal submission requirements for each package. Additional points will be awarded to responsive proposers who submit responses to more than one package.

The City’s preference is to select one full-service financial institution that can provide services for all four packages. However, Proposers may respond to any one or more combination of the above packages and are not required to propose on all four packages. The City reserves the right to make multiple awards if it is determined to be most advantageous to the City.

The term of the agreement(s) is for four (4) years with three (3) two-year options to renew the agreement at the sole discretion of the City, for a total of ten (10) years.

Refer to Package A through D for a detailed scope of services and proposal submission requirements for the package.

The City is seeking a turnkey solution for each package. Therefore, qualified Proposers should be able to provide all of the services listed in each package and provide costs accordingly in the respective cost proposal attachments.

Contract duration: 4 years
Contract renewal: 6 annual renewals
Prices good for: Not Applicable
Regions: California, Santa Clara