Design & Layout Services: Erie Canalway NHC

The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor:

Design and Layout Services for a water-trail guidebook and navigational mapset.

The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor (“ECNHC”), and its non-profit affiliate Erie Canalway Heritage Fund, Inc. (“ECHF”), seek proposals from a qualified consultant (“Provider”) to provide design and layout services for a water trail guidebook and navigational map set. This guidebook and map set are currently in development by an independent professional writer (separate consultant) in consultation with staff of the ECHF.

The primary objectives of this project include the following:

Produce printer-ready digital files for a water trail guidebook and navigational map set.

Completed guidebook is anticipated to be +/- 290-340 pages @ 7” x 9”, 2-color, double-sided, and spiral bound. Navigational Map Set is anticipated to include +/- 8 color maps, 2-sided, estimated reproduced at 1:63,000 scale @ 19’ x 36’. See the 7th edition of The Hudson River Water Trail Guide (2015, The Hudson River Watertrail Association) and accompanying Hudson River Greenway Water Trail 4-map Set as a point of reference.

* Work with guidebook and map writer (currently under contract with ECHF) and ECHF staff to convey finalized digital content files (text, spreadsheet, and graphic files) from writer to layout and design contractor.

* Work collaboratively with ECHF staff to develop overall design and layout of guidebook and maps.

* Provide multiple opportunities for discussion, review and feedback from ECHF staff during the design and layout process.

* Produce a completed, print-ready, designed and laid out guidebook and map set.

* Finalize digital files for delivery to printing contractor (to be determined).

Scope of Services for this contract will include tasks to be completed in support of these goals. In addition to proposals from a qualified Provider, the ECHF requires the consultant’s guidance, technical support and coordination to assist in achieving the above stated objectives.

NYS Certified M/WBEs are encourage to apply.

The contract requirements may be fulfilled by a subcontracting, joint venture, or co-production arrangement.

Due date: 07/06/2018 4:00 PM

Contract term: To be completed by 10/31/2018

Primary contact:

Erie Canalway Heritage Fund, Inc.


Brian Yates

Program Manager

PO Box 219

Waterford, NY 12188

United States

Ph: 518-237-7000 ext.220

Fax: 518-237-7640