Branding Consultant: SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry

Branding Consultant: SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry


SUNY- ESF’s enrollment strategy has targeted undergraduate students from throughout the United States for many years. Regarding students who actually enroll, however, the pool is much more concentrated. Half of the enrolled undergraduate class comes from within 126 miles of the main campus. College admissions staff has focused its enrollment strategy on enhancing the conversion rate from student inquiry to applicant.

The challenge is clear: Time, funding, institutional priorities and the scope of national visibility remain limited, yet SUNY- ESF has a unique platform of academic programs that have both national and international appeal. The need for effective communications, media and marketing strategies has grown and we seek input regarding how professional communications consultants, companies and individuals might assist SUNY-ESF in building its enrollment and becoming more visible to a broad base of prospective students as well as potential partners and donors

Scope of Services:

This project is designed to provide detailed research that will answer the question “Who are we?” and provide a roadmap for building a cohesive awareness campaign, expanding the college’s profile among potential students, alumni, donors, faculty and staff, legislature as well as national prominence.

SUNY-ESF seeks proposals to conduct market research, create brand messages and develop a communication strategy that will create a clear and consistent identity, enabling the college to promote itself to key audiences.

Goals of this project include but are not limited to:

Brand Audit Review

Discovery and Research

Branding Positioning

Branding Hierarchy

Institutional Communications Audit & Strategy Development

Target Audiences

1. Prospective Students (undergraduate and graduate level)

2. College Alumni

3. College Foundation

4. Active Donors: Alumni and friends of the College

5. Potential Funders: Federal agencies, private foundations and corporate partners

6. Potential Conservation Partners: State agencies, non-

funding Feds

7. State and local governments

8. Grant funding program applicants or faculty research

9. Prospective faculty and administrators Targeted geographical locations.

Due Date and Time: 07/05/2018, 2:00 PM

Timeline: It is intended that the

project be concluded by September 28, 2018

Primary Contact:

State University of New York (SUNY)

SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry

Business Office

Lauren Pinkel

Purchasing Associate

One Forestry Drive

Syracuse, NY 13210

United States

Ph: 315-470-4795

Fax: 315-470-4887