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How it works

How It Works: For Women Entrepreneurs

Create Free Listings for Your Products & Services

Our Marketplace magnifies your online presence, increasing the opportunities for new clients and customers to find you.  We offer two ways to promote your products & services on our platform. You can either sell direct or get referrals. In either case, it’s always FREE to create a listing. We take a transaction or referral fee of 5% only if your listing results in revenue for you.

Sell Direct

If you want to promote products or services with set fees or prices, you can list those in our Marketplace, connect to your Paypal account and sell directly from our platform. When your listing results in a sale, the transaction amount is deposited directly to your account and our 5% transaction fee is deducted at that point as well.

Get Referrals

If you have consulting or professional services with variable pricing tailored to the needs of individual clients, you can list your services as OFFERS. We’ll keep track of the leads generated from your offers and send you a quarterly report. It’s up to you to tell us which new connections generated revenue. (Call us crazy, but we’re a group of like-minded women and we trust you to pay us our 5% fee.) 

Discover Opportunities to Grow Your Business

As a member of our Marketplace, you’ll also have the ability to browse and search postings for projects, gigs & RFP’s from corporations, government agencies, non-profits and other hiring organizations. (Your Marketplace listings will make it much easier for these groups to find and connect with you too.)

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How It Works: For Hiring Organizations

Post Your Projects, Gigs and Opportunities

We make it easy for organizations to identify and connect with qualified women-owned businesses that can solve your sourcing needs. Post your projects, gigs, RFPs and contracting requirements here, and we will promote them to the women entrepreneurs in our Membership and across all of our marketing channels. 

We offer a range of pricing options for listing these opportunities on our platform. You can post a single listing for $250 or purchase a monthly subscription for an unlimited number of postings for $500/month. We also offer substantial discounts to non-profits, start-ups, and small business owners. WNWN Members can post their ‘help wanted’ listings for free.

Amplify Your Diversity Efforts with a Free Brand Profile Page

Build awareness for your brand and publicize your commitment to gender diversity with a FREE profile page in our Marketplace. Organizations can use their profiles to provide an overview of the kinds of qualifications and capabilities your organization needs, and share success stories of how women-owned small businesses have connected with opportunities in your organization too.

Promote Your Products & Services for Women Entrepreneurs

Showcase the products and services you offer that enhance the ability for women entrepreneurs to launch, run and grow their businesses, increase their productivity and thrive in all aspects of their lives. Reach a targeted and qualified audience via sponsored content, promotions, and customized marketing campaigns. 

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